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You place 38 bets on a single number at the roulette table. In the short term, anything can and often will happen.

The casino relies on the law of large numbers for their business model. Players are hoping to have the occasional short-term run of luck.

The casino knows that these short-term runs of luck are more than compensated for by the actual expected results on all the other bets being placed constantly throughout the casino.

A betting system is a method of increasing and reducing your bets based on your previous results. The gamblers fallacy is the belief that previous events somehow affect the probability of future events.

In the case of truly independent trials, previous results have no effect. This is not to be confused with the question of what the probability is that the ball will land on red 9 times in a row.

The classic example is the Martingale System. The Martingale System is the classic example of a betting system based on the gamblers fallacy.

The idea is simple enough. You place a single bet on red or black at the roulette table. If you win, you pocket your winnings.

If you lose, you double your bet on the next spin. What most players seem to lose sight of is how easy it is to run into a streak—it happens more often than they think.

Blackjack is one of my favorite examples of probability in action. Every time a card is dealt in a game of blackjack, the composition of the deck changes.

This means the odds change. This is why card counters are able to get an edge. They have a means of tracking these changes in the composition of the deck.

You need an ace AND a There are 16 cards in the deck worth Slot machines are the only game in the casino that have opaque math behind them.

Yes, slots have pay tables. So you know what the payoffs are for various combinations of symbols on the reels. If you DID know this, you could calculate the probability, the house edge, and the payback percentage.

If you get 3 lemons, you win coins. You make spins. So the house edge on this game is 9. The payback percentage is what casino people look at when dealing with gambling machines, though.

It represents the amount of each bet that the casino gives back to the player, rather than the amount it gets to keep.

The casinos and slot machine designers know these odds. They designed the game. But a lemon might be programmed to come up once every 12 spins, or once every 15 spins, or once every 20 spins.

Not only do you know what each combination of cards pays off at. You also know the probability of getting each combination. You can use that information to calculate the house edge and the payback percentage for the game.

You can do that same calculation for every possible hand. You multiply the amount you stand to win by the probability of getting the hand. Then you add up all the possibilities to get the overall payback percentage for the game.

And the great thing about video poker is that the payback percentages are almost always higher than for slot machines. You have to decide how you play each hand.

Playing them correctly increases your chances of winning. The expected return of a bet is how much you expect that bet to be worth. You subtract one from the other, and you have your expected return.

Suppose you run a casino, and you offer to pay 25 cents to anyone who correctly guesses the correct result on a coin toss. Your expected value is Your expected loss on every bet is This time, you toss a coin and so does the casino.

If one of you gets heads and the other one gets tails, the party with heads is the winner. The party with tails is the loser. If you want to give the casino an edge, you just add a rule that if you both get heads, the game is a push.

The house could make the game even more fair by returning half your bet in the case of both of you getting tails. That would reduce the house edge to But if the casino wins, you lose both dollars.

You could have multiple bets, multiple payouts, and multiple probabilities for each outcome. You just have to look at the expected value of all of them to determine how much of an edge the house.

Then you have to test the game in front of a live gambling audience to see how they respond. This is the most important section of the post, actually.

You can use your knowledge of probability to make decisions in real life that are better than the decisions of most people. Of course, that example ignores any moral implications involved.

You might have a moral problem with taking up a parking spot intended for a handicapped person. For some recommendations, below are five of the best Probability slots.

Treasure Blast showcases the splendour of celebrating Chinese New Year with an abundance of dazzling fireworks. The Ancient Egyptians were renowned for creating innovations that were years ahead of their time.

Well, Probability is continuing that trend with an intriguing feature that sees wild symbols remain on the screen until they earn winnings.

What also impresses is that free spins can be retriggered up to times. Pirates represent a hot theme within slot development, so Probability has wisely covered its bases by launching Pirates of Chance.

Decades have passed since gold rushes were a thing, but Probability has revived the memories with its Money Miner game. In addition to the 25 paylines of this five-reel slot, there are many more ways to win thanks to the cactus bonus game that can unlock free spins.

Fizz Factory deserves a recommendation for its colourful array of delicious treats. The symbols in this five-reel slot will have players yearning for a sweet treat while they try to win on the 50 paylines.

Initially, Probability was short on resources went it was independent. And while the software firm no operates as a subsidiary inside of IGT , the parent company is continuing to use Probability as a niche developer to contribute alongside its IGT slots.

A more comparable developer is Cozy Games , but Cozy does not have the same financial support. In recent years, Cozy has powered some 40 sites in the online bingo market, so there is gambling pedigree there.

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